Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Picture Book Review - Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt

Sprout had his first class library visit today. He couldn't wait to come home and tell me about it, and show me the two books he checked out to bring home (one on dinosaurs and one on bones - no big surprise from this aspiring paleontologist!). He was surprised that the library was kind of small, but still had lots of cool science books, and also that he didn't need his regular library card to check books out. Got this kiddo trained right, evidently!

By the way, in case you hadn't heard, September is National Library Card Month. This is a great time to visit your library, especially if you haven't been in a while - you might be surprised at all the cool things your library card entitles you to explore. It's also the perfect opportunity to sign your kiddos up for their own cards. Sprout got his card this spring and he is crazy proud of it. Every time we go to the desk to check something out, he has to tell the librarian he can use his own card now, not mommy's. :)

So, onto today's pick, which is a perfect choice for National Library Card Month if I do say so myself, since it's all about books. Jane Blatt's Books Always Everywhere is a lovely piece of poetry all oriented around babies and toddlers who are exploring books of all sorts. It's simple enough to read with the smallest kids - in fact this would be a great introduction to books for a baby storytime or one-on-one session. The large spreads feature just a few pages each, and gorgeous pictures for kids to focus on. I wasn't familiar with Sarah Massini's illustrations before, but I'll be keeping my eyes out for more from her - these pictures are just fantastic!

Of course you know I always look for diversity in books like these, and I'm pleased to say that there's plenty here. Best of all, it feels organic and not forced, adding to the title's overall charm. The other thing I especially love is how joyful the text and illustrations are. Books Always Everywhere is a celebration of books, and as such is as light and effervescent as can be. The kiddos and animals cavorting on the pages are having loads of fun experiencing books -- reading, creating with and sharing them. What better way to send kids the message that books are fun?!

Books Always Everywhere would make a terrific storytime pairing with Lola Reads to Leo or Wild About Books. But you needn't wait til you have all those titles at hand - grab yourself a copy and read it to your little one no matter where you are!

Ages 1-4
Source: Library
Sample: "Book build / Book mat / Book chair / Book hat"

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