Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Picture Books - Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest

Happy November Everybody! Can't quite believe that the calendar has turned over to the eleventh month, but there are lots of things to celebrate in the next 30 days. Some people are writing novels, some people are remembering adoption, others are just glad the campaign ads will be over soon!

In our family, November's great for lots of things, especially being thankful. And one of the biggest things we are thankful for is picture books.

Picture books are pretty amazing, when you think about it. So much of the world open right there before you, your first taste as a child of the sense of wonder and mystery that surrounds us. Picture books help us be global citizens, build togetherness, develop literacy, spark creativity, teach us the building blocks of everyday life. And such riches are available to anyone -- just crack the cover and dive on in.
In celebration of November as National Picture Book Month, we're going to feature a new picture book every day. Stay tuned for some classic favorites as well as some relatively new finds that we just adore. And we'd love to know what your best-loved picture books are -- fill us in by leaving a comment here on the blog or contacting us via Facebook or Twitter, and check out our Pinterest board "30 Days of Picture Books", because we'll be adding a new title every day!

Today's title is a recent find of ours, one that we love as much for its message about family togetherness as for its cozy natureKiss Good Night by Amy Hest is a perfect book for a fall bedtime, when the wind and rain are howling outside and inside everyone's snuggled up in the covers. "It was a dark and stormy night on Plum Street," the book begins, but inside Sam Bear is getting ready for bed. Mama remembers just about everything he needs: a bedtime story, a cuddly nest, all his best friends and a glass of warm milk. But Mama's forgetting something that Sam Bear really needs in order to get to sleep!

Little ones will love guessing along as to just what it is Mama's forgotten (okay, they'll probably get it right off -- Sprout did -- but it's still fun to pretend we don't know!). Hest's sweet story is captured perfectly with illustrations by Anita Jeram, the talented artist behind another gentle tale of mother and child, Bunny My Honey. I love that Sam's whole world is right inside that room at day's end - when what more does anyone need than a cozy bed, a good book, and the comfort of a kiss good night. Bedtime bliss!

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest, published by Candlewick Press (they believe in picture books!)

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Cami said...

I am so glad you are featuring picture books. I was at the library today with my four year old and was overwhelmed and decided to not do my normal pull thirty-something books off the shelf and hope a few are good. I decided to find some recommendations... I will be following closely and putting this one on hold for sure!