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Review and GIVEAWAY! - Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to 2015! We've had a wonderful winter break (until today that is, when Hubs succumbed to one of the bugs that's been floating around - luckily Sprout & I are as yet in the clear!). I hope you were able to enjoy some relaxation time around the holidays, whether or not you celebrate. It's really nice to just take a breath and recharge before the new year.

We're starting 2015 off with a bang here at the Bookshelf, with a review and GIVEAWAY of the new book Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings. This is a signed copy friends - you won't want to miss adding this hilarious chapter book to your collection!

Hissy Fitz couldn't have come along at a better time for us. Sprout's been in full learning-to-read mode, so we are gobbling up the easy readers, and our chapter book read-aloud time has been seriously extended. It's so exciting to see him really loving books in a whole new way, and nearly every night he tells me how he can't wait to read chapter books on his own. Because of that, I've been making it a point to choose books that he'll really love, which usually means funny books with vivid characters. Check and double check for Hissy Fitz.

This is the story of Hissy, a cat who just wants a decent days' sleep. Not so much to ask, right? Well it is in a household that includes one chatty grade-schooler, twin three-year-olds (one of whom just does not understand cats *at all*), and a carpenter dad. Add in barking dogs, a neighbor who fixes cars and all the noise that comes when the family is together, and you have one cranky, sleep-deprived Hissy. And he's going to do whatever it takes to get some peace and quiet - no matter what that might be. 'Cause this cat is ex-haus-ted!

We received an advance copy of Hissy Fitz to review, but even if we hadn't gotten a complimentary book, this still would have been a big hit in our household. Hissy's high jinks are seriously hilarious, as is his cranky demeanor. Jenkins clearly knows his audience -- he keeps the story moving at a perfect pace, and ratchets up the humor at just the right points throughout the plot. Sprout seriously cannot stop laughing every time we read a chapter, and in fact he was just begging me to finish the book before bedtime tonight. "I can't wait, Mom! I have to find out what happens!" were his exact words. Coming from a kid, you know that's high praise.

Hissy Fitz is perfect for kiddos just beginning to enjoy chapter books on their own. The language is simple but the action keeps them turning pages - definitely not a boring early chapter title! Hissy is the first book we've read by Patrick Jennings but I'm sure it won't be the last - Sprout's already begging me to get a copy of Guinea Dog, Jennings' award-winning title for middle graders, to read aloud soon. Can't wait!

Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings, published by Egmont Publishing
Ages 7-9
Source: review copy received from publisher
Sample: "I hiss at dogs. Swat at cats. Scream at children. Growl at old people. They call me crazy. Mad. Insane. Wild. And they're right. I'm everybody's worst nightmare, and I will continue to be until everybody gets quiet and lets me sleep."

If you'd like to have Hissy Fitz on your kiddo's reading list this year, maybe you'd like your very own copy?? You can win a signed copy!

(Prize provided by Egmont Publishing. Review is our honest opinion, 'cause we can't be bought, haha!)

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