Thursday, January 15, 2015

Picture Book Review - Where's Lenny? by Ken Wilson-Max

A little tip for all those folks who have emergent readers in your house -- don't box up the board books just yet. You may have felt like you could move on from these super-simple titles once your little one entered grade school, but the truth is that board books are perfect for kids just learning to read. The pictures are simple, giving lots of clues to support the interpretation of text. And the words tend to be manageable as well, with plenty of repetition and catchy phrases that inspire emergent readers. Plus your kids will be proud as punch to read some of their "baby" books on their own!

I was reminded of this as I sat down to blog about tonight's pick, Where's Lenny? by Ken Wilson-Max. Sprout wandered in, delaying his trip to the bath, and began immediately to puzzle through this cheery picture book. Though not a board book per se, the paper style and trim size definitely lend themselves to the youngest set. But Sprout was lured to it by the bright colors and that cover photo of Lenny, which made him want to read the book for himself. And really, who wouldn't want to read about this adorable chap?

Where's Lenny? features a game of hide-and-seek between the title character and his dad. The game takes the pair all over the house, encountering the dog, the goldfish and even Mummy. Lenny is clearly delighted to be leading his father on a wild goose chase, and the more Daddy guesses wrong, the more fun the sturdy toddler is having. At long last, Daddy and Mummy join forces and find their boy hiding under a blanket. And the escapade ends with a good bunch of cuddles, and some tickling for good measure. So fun!

Where's Lenny? is just one of several Lenny adventures by Wilson-Max. I love these titles because they include a multiracial family - it's always great to find books with parents of two different races, especially when the titles are as fun and upbeat as the Lenny books. Colorful and happy, these titles are a pure joy to read. Once you've read one, you'll be on the lookout for the rest!

Where's Lenny? by Ken Wilson-Max, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Ages 2-5
Source: Library

Look for Lenny Has Lunch, Lenny in the Garden, and Lenny Goes to Nursery School too!

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