Monday, July 15, 2013

Multicultural Kid Blogs - the Pinterest Scavenger Hunt!

Summertime is just meant for kids, isn't it? School's out, days are long, there's lots of fun to be had outdoors and ice cream is a staple food. What's not to love? I'll admit that as an adult I sometimes miss the carefree fun of childhood summers. And while I can't recreate that for you (sorry, think I'd need a time machine for most of us!), I can provide you with an opportunity to have your own summer fun.

Multicultural Kid Blogs Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

Today is the kickoff for an awesome summer contest - the Pinterest Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Multicultural Kid Blogs. This is a super fun opportunity to visit some new blogs, pin some terrific content AND win fantastic prizes, including a bunch of books that you will definitely want to share with your little ones! (I told you it would be awesome, didn't I?).

The contest runs from July 15-July 28, and you can find all the details at the Multicultural Kid Blogs site. So get those Pinterest boards set up and stay tuned for our very own Sprout's Bookshelf clue, coming your way in just a few days!

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