Friday, June 6, 2014

48 Hour Book Challenge - Ready, Set, Read!

Hey peeps! The big weekend has come - I'm stocked up on provisions (read: wine and ice cream) and ready to read my eyes out for MotherReader's 9th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge. Haven't heard about the 48HBC? Check out the full details over at MotherReader's blog, and sign up to participate yourself!

The goal of this challenge is simple: read as much as you possibly can during this 48 hour period. This year, the challenge has a very special emphasis that is dear to my heart, as any regular reader of this blog knows: the focus for participants this year is diverse books. I am so thrilled to see this, not only because it means a whole host of dedicated readers will be diving into some wonderfully inclusive literature, but also because they'll be sharing it: via their blogs, social media, and all other channels possible. I cannot wait to hear what everyone's reading - and it's a great excuse for me to clear a space on my TBR list, with so many yummy diverse books calling my name!

This year, Hubs generously agreed to take Sprout out of town for a little daddy-son bonding time. So aside from a few routine chores, and a project that I need to get finished before Monday, I'm all books all the time. Squee!

First up is a book that's been on my TBR shelf for way to long, that I'm so excited to finally dive into: Nnedi Okorafor's Akata Witch. Have you read this one? Stay tuned for my report -- and if you're a participant this weekend, happy reading!!


Brandy said...

Enjoy your kid free and husband free reading time! My husband usually does the same thing for me, but we have special circumstances this year. I'm trying the best I can anyway!

Ms. Yingling said...

Daddy-son bonding time. Hey, if you have to read for two days straight to accomplish it... I love the challenge for this reason. Hope you have lots of fun reading!

Liviania said...

That's good of your husband! Enjoy Akata Witch.

Charlotte said...

Oh, how nice to have the place to yourself! I hope you get lots of reading done!

Amy said...

Wine and ice cream and lots of books - what a perfect weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Can't wait to see what you think of "Akata Witch." The Teen Librarian where I work LOVES it. Two incredibly favorable reviews might just push me to read it!

Good luck with the Challenge!

Here's my Starting Line Post (7am Friday). I've written two reviews since then but I'm spending today at work (covertly blogging, but sadly... not reading).

Have fun!