Monday, March 16, 2015

Picture Book of the Day - What a Wonderful World, illustrated by Tim Hopgood

If this feels a little like something you've seen before on Sprout's Bookshelf, you're right! I think this might be a first, that I am reviewing a book whose text I've already written, about but with a different version by a different illustrator. 

It's no surprise that there are a couple of picture book versions of Louis Armstrong's iconic song "What a Wonderful World". The text is just about perfect to share with young children - an homage to beauty and a testament to hope. Sprout and I have read the version illustrated by Ashley Bryan for a couple of years now, checking it out from the library whenever we stumble across it. He loves the Ashley Bryan version because one of his favorite preschool teachers used to share it with the kiddos, so I wasn't entirely sure how he'd take to this update, illustrated by Tim Hopgood. 

But you know what? As it turns out, Tim Hopgood's What a Wonderful World is a totally different experience for Sprout than the beloved Ashley Bryan version. I credit the illustration styles, which are much different. Hopgood's take follows a small boy and a bluebird, as they venture throughout different landscapes and scenes. In the forest, they're celebrating the trees; they sing about the sky as the boy flies in a balloon; they swim in the ocean (well, the boy does) and frolic with horses. And every page spread is alive with color and motion and vibrancy, a really exuberant love song to the wonderful world in which we all live. 

I've always enjoyed the message of this song, and this fresh new take by Tim Hopgood just deepens my affection. Whether you want to inspire a classroom of kiddos or spend some time creating one-on-one, What a Wonderful World is a perfect pick to launch art projects, nature walks or other creative endeavors. Just be prepared to harmonize as you read - this title is so absolutely joyful, you almost can't help but sing!

What a Wonderful World, illustrated by Tim Hopgood, published by Henry Holt
All ages
Source: Library

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