Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link Love: Kid World Citizen

Looking to raise your kids to be global citizens? Want to add new elements of multiculturalism to your classroom or homeschool curriculum? Check out Kid World Citizen, a newly developed website that contains a host of ideas to "help young minds go global".

Started by an adoptive mom with a beautiful, truly multicultural family, Kid World Citizen aims to be a destination site for activities, games, educational items, art projects and other sites that help bring global concerns into a child's everyday life. Plenty of pictures and lots of great links are included. And, of course, there's some terrific books mentioned here too -- including the Runaway Rice Cake, a really fun twist on the familiar Gingerbread Man story that sets the tale in China. Love it!

Studies show that multiculturalism is most effective when it's integrated into the overall curriculum, not made into a special theme unit or focus week. As parents, we want Sprout to recognize his place as a citizen of the world, and what better way to do that than to introduce him to different cultures through music, food, literature, and games? Bookmark Kid World Citizen, or follow them on Facebook, and grow your global consciousness along with us!

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