Sunday, July 8, 2012

Picture Book Review - Monday is One Day by Arthur A. Levine

We've had a few days off as a family, and it's been really wonderful. Usually we are off on a trip when we have time off, but this time we decided to stick around home. It's been a fun time exploring our area, visiting a lot of parks and taking bike rides, letting Sprout play in his wading pool and just relaxing. Very lovely.

Tomorrow morning we're back to our regular routine. As much as Sprout loves getting to play with his friends at daycare, I know there's going to be some pushback about not being able to stay home with Mama and Daddy. (Not that we blame him - who's ever happy to see the weekend over??)

Fortunately there's a great book to help explain the weekday routine for working families. Arthur A. Levine's cheerful Monday is One Day fills a much-needed niche in the world of children's literature by speaking to the experience of millions of families. The book looks at each day of the week and what happens in various families when parents go to work. Every day has something that makes it special, even if parent and child can't be together. Tuesday, for instance, is "blue shoes day", with the fun of stomping in puddles - for both mama and daughter!

Accompanied by Julian Hector's sweetly comforting illustrations, Levine's text is the perfect reassurance for little ones who may be struggling with transitions into and out of the work week. It can be hard to wait for the weekend, when families are all together once again, but as the book shows, there are plenty of small, special moments to be together throughout the week. Best of all, Hector doesn't rely on just one family form, but emphasizes diversity by including single parents, two dads, and older parents. I love that this makes Monday accessible for all families.

If you're looking for a way to help ease the weekend-to-workday process in your family, Monday is One Day could just do the trick. And for working parents, this title emphasizes how much all of us treasure our time together as a family.

Monday is One Day by Arthur A. Levine, published by Scholastic
Ages 2-6
Source: Library
Sample: "And Sunday's our fun day: / A kiss and a cuddle, / A dance in a puddle, / A dinosaur huddle, / A sweet family muddle!"

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