Sunday, June 10, 2012

48 Hour Book Challenge - Finish Line!

Well folks, I can't quite believe it but just like that 48 hours have elapsed - or almost, anyway, but close enough for me. My totals aren't exactly what I thought they'd be but all in all, for someone who only rarely gets pleasure reading time, this weekend did help me put a dent in the TBR pile, albeit a small one.

Here's the rundown:

13.50 hours spent reading, blogging or networking in the Kidlitosphere
4 books completed (When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Everything on a Waffle, Sparrow Road, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda)
1 book read halfway (Grave Mercy)
1 audiobook read halfway (The Year of Living Biblically)
3 completed review posts - Origami Yoda is one that my husband read also, and as our resident Star Wars geek, he'll do a much better review than I ever could

None too shabby! I'll be making my donation to Reading is Fundamental after I finish this post - technically I think I'm supposed to post the dollar amount, but I'm more comfortable donating anonymously.

Overall this was a fantastic experience. I definitely learned that for me, shorter books are better with this kind of project - though I tried mightily to finish Grave Mercy, it just wasn't in the cards (it's awesome, though!). I'm really looking forward to participating again next year. Thanks to MotherReader for a truly wonderful weekend of books and blogging!


Liviania said...

I love Grave Mercy too!

Congrats on your finish!

MotherReader said...

Glad to have helped you knock out some books this weekend! Thanks for playing!

If you wouldn't mind emailing your RIF pledge privately, I'd appreciate it. We're closing in on a nice round number, and I'd like to see if we can get there. It's MotherReader AT gmail DOT com