Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Year Later

Happy blogoversary to me! Today marks one year since I began this blog, and what a year it's been. Here's a look at where we are, one year later.

First, I'm another year closer to my MLIS, though not much closer to figuring out just what type of career I might find most fulfilling. Librarianship offers a lot of options, from public to academic to special libraries, not to mention specific areas of focus. I know one thing, that I want a career that will help me continue to emphasize the importance of diversity in children's literature. I've seen firsthand the way a child lights up when he/she finds a book with characters that "look just like me", and that's an experience I want to see replicated for every child, everywhere. With one more year of coursework ahead, I'll have more opportunities to consider how to make that a reality.

Second, this blog has really grown and changed in the past 12 months. What started out as a sort of virtual bookshelf for Sprout has expanded into a way for me to share titles that support the identity of all children, and of adults as well. I've read books about many nations and cultures, and considered how literature reflects the unique experience of people from all walks of life. Of course I've barely scratched the surface there, and I have a lot more to go (as evidenced by my daunting TBR list!). Most recently, I've indexed all the titles discussed here on the blog, to make it easier to locate a specific review or discussion. In the months to come I look forward to adding a lot more items to that title list.

And perhaps most importantly, Sprout is another year older. Wow oh wow, what a difference 12 months make! He's gone from a spunky two-year-old to a precocious and aware three-year-old. He's recognizing letters in his name (and working really hard to learn to spell it), "writing" with his crayon, and connecting the dots between letters and sounds. In a year we've read aloud every single day, without fail - sometimes only one book, sometimes three or five or twenty. He's come to be recognized by the Friday morning library staffers, who always smile to see him running toward the checkout counter, clutching a new book in one hand and our precious library card in the other. And he is very proud that this year we are taking part in Summer Reading, hoping to earn a way-cool yard sign for our front lawn!

All in all, a year of achievements and milestones. I've read some amazing books this past year, many of which I'll be recommending to Sprout in the years to come. I've participated in some challenges that connected me with some of the many talented kidlit bloggers out there. I've learned a lot too, and my perspective on race, identity, adoption, culture and family continues to transform. Above all, I've had a fantastic time sharing my thoughts with all of you, whoever and wherever you are.

Here's to another year of great books - old favorites, new discoveries and hours of reading aloud!

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Michelle Cusolito said...

Congratulations! I remember the satisfaction I felt when I hit the one year mark, too.

I'm looking forward to more great posts.