Wednesday, November 5, 2014

30 Days of Diverse Picture Books - 100 Things that Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz

It's Day 5 of 30 Days of Diverse Picture Books. Hope you are finding some new titles to add to your reading list through this series. Remember, diverse books flourish when we support them with our dollars and our get thee to a library or bookstore, 'kay?

Tonight's pick is a book that just makes me smile -- 100 Things That Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz. On the surface this may not look like a diverse picture book, but crack the cover and you'll see why I'm including it. Schwartz populates her pages with people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages, though of course cute kiddies take the prize in this one.

This diverse cast is playing together and enjoying some truly stupendous things. You might not enjoy all 100 things yourself, but I'll bet more of them than not wind up on your awesome list. I mean, "chocolate chips / camping trips / goldfish / birthday wish / red bow / tic-tac-toe / hula-hoops / double scoops". What's not to love there? And I really appreciate that on this one spread, Schwartz has characters of at least four different skin colors, including one little boy who looks pretty much like Sprout (with his favorite, chocolate chips!).

Read 100 Things that Make Me Happy and then make up your own happy list. On the top of mine? Picture books and crochet hooks! :)

100 Things that Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz, published by Abrams Appleseed

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