Wednesday, November 12, 2014

30 Days of Diverse Picture Books - Boom Boom by Sarvinder Naberhaus

It's Day 12 of our series of 30 Days of Diverse Picture Books! One thing I really love about the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement is that by supporting diverse titles, you are often supporting diverse authors as well. It's fantastic when I get to read a book to Sprout and then we can talk about the author's origins - especially great when we can flip to an author photo and he sees someone who looks a lot like him!

Tonight's pick is by Sarvinder Naberhaus, who's from India, and whose debut picture book, Boom Boom, is a celebration of the seasons as seen through the eyes of a multicultural group of kids. The children are all part of a preschool class, and through a series of vignettes taking place in different seasons, readers get to experience the natural world with them.

Naberhaus's text is a terrifically simple poem with spot-on rhyme and rhythm. This would be a serious joy for storytime, with plenty of action words that kids could get up and move to, yet it's elemental enough that even very young ones will have no trouble catching on. The pictures are by Margaret Chodos-Irvine, one of my favorite artists for young children. Her illustration style is bold, energetic and textural, all things that make Boom Boom a standout for any collection.

Next time you're looking for a book on seasons, consider reaching beyond the usual suspects for a more inclusive pick. Books like Boom Boom will make you glad you did!

Boom Boom by Sarvinder Naberhaus, published by Beach Lane Books

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