Tuesday, November 25, 2014

30 Days of Diverse Picture Books - Snug by Carol Thompson

It's Day 24 of our 30 Days of Diverse Picture Books. I'm struggling today, in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury non-indictment. My heart is heavy for my son and for all the sons and daughters of Black America. But we press on, working for justice, inclusion, representation, equality. So, diverse books - because that's where my hope lies, for the next generation to change this world.

Tonight's pick is a gentle one, because that's what my spirit needs right now. Snug by Carol Thompson is a board book, one that seems the kind of book that a toddler would seize on and need to have read over and over. It makes me a little sad that Sprout's outgrown these types of books - time was, he would have obsessed over Snug, I'm pretty sure. But it's definitely something I'll be giving to friends for their little ones, because it's not only sweet but very inclusive.

With Snug, Thompson describes the snugness of various things in nature, starting of course with the bug in the rug, but then branching out to include a bulb deep in the earth, a mouse in a house, even a slug in the mud (why not?). Thompson juxtaposes the images of nature with adorable chubby-cheeked kiddos exploring the world, whether that's burrowing under a quilt or digging in the soil. And the pictures show a range of ethnicities and genders, plus even abilities, with one girl in a wheelchair. Love!

Check out Snug if you want a simple and sweet title for bedtime with your kiddo. And hold them close as you read it, just as I'll be holding my kiddo tonight.

Snug by Carol Thompson, published by Child's Play

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