Saturday, November 1, 2014

30 Days of Diverse Picture Books - Little Humans by Brandon Stanton

Put down that leftover Halloween candy and get ready for something even sweeter! It's November, and you know what that means!

Woot woot! It's one of my favorite things that happens all year long - Picture Book Month, a 30 day celebration of the books that speak to all ages. If you need convincing as to why picture books are important, you'll find a new reason each day on the official Picture Book Month website. But I know you're all believers, just as we are, of the power of picture books to change lives young and old!

AND this year, with all the attention swirling around the call for diversity in children's literature, I decided this year would be 30 Days of Diverse Picture Books. That means books that celebrate difference in all its forms - because, after all, there is nothing so beautiful as literature that includes everyone.

On to our first pick!

For Day 1, I'm choosing a brand-new title that's written by blogger Brandon Stanton, best known for his blog Humans of New York. It's an incredible site, full of humanity and laughter and heartache. Stanton includes kids on his blog quite a bit, and has compiled a cross-section of fantastic photographs into his new picture book, Little Humans.

If you've followed Stanton's blog, you'll recognize many of the photos, but it's really fun to see them in an entirely new context. Stanton's added some text to tie the images together, though that seems unnecessary - honestly, I think he could just have had his incredibly winning photography stand on its own, and young readers would have been equally charmed. But it is loads of fun, and a great way to include diversity in a collection, demonstrating all the ways in which humans are both alike and different.

It's a brave new diverse world out there - and we love the way Little Humans celebrates it!

Little Humans by Brandon Stanton, published by Farrar Straus Giroux

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