Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Diverse Picture Books - What's So Yummy? by Robie H. Harris

Today's Day 16 of our 30 Days of Diverse Picture Books. Nope, we haven't run out of picks yet - in fact, as always with this series, I'm starting to wonder if I'll get everything included! 

Tonight's pick is nonfiction, and I chose this one specifically because I think it's important to remember that nonfiction choices should also be inclusive. It's really easy to focus on the topic and worry less about diversity when choosing informative titles, but in my opinion, we need to be just as mindful there, if not more so. Fortunately there are plenty of good choices, such as What's So Yummy? by Robie H. Harris. The latest entry in the Let's Talk About You and Me series by Harris and Nadine Bernard Westcott, this title focuses on healthy eating and exercise, so it's a great choice to share with preschoolers on up!

Harris writes What's So Yummy? with an informative yet never boring tone - including plenty of facts that kids will find intriguing. There's even a discussion of allergies, something Sprout found relevant as two of his best school friends have significant allergies. But for me the icing on the cake with this title is the pictures - the main characters are a transracial family, a huge bonus for us. And the background is populated with folks of different ages, races, genders, and abilities. It's really a lovely recognition of the fact that our world is diverse and books for children should acknowledge that, no matter what their topic.

Teachers, librarians and parents: you can't go wrong with any of the titles by Harris and Westcott, but What's So Yummy? is especially delightful. Hats off to quality, inclusive nonfiction!

What's So Yummy? by Robie H. Harris, published by Candlewick Press

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